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Our Approach

We strive to develop strong and long lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and confidence.

These relationships mean we know the facts and circumstances of your situation so that whenever you call, we already know the back story, you will only need to tell us what is new or what has changed. You'll never be subjected to an impersonal 1-800 help line where you’re just another anonymous account number.

Our comprehensive process assists us in developing a plan that will address your goals. We call it "The Severn Program" – We complete these steps with every one of our clients at the beginning of our engagement and throughout our relationship.

Define the Relationship

This is the most important step in the process. In this step, we collaboratively define the services you desire and the roles that each of us will fulfill. The worst thing we can do is to provide a service that you do not want or need.

Identify Your Goals

Your goals, dreams and challenges are unique to you. In order to provide personalized strategies, we help identify your unique goals so that we can develop recommendations that will address your specific goals.

Gather/Analyze Data

This is the step where we help gather your data. As we analyze your data, our system identifies opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of your unique circumstances. We use this information to prepare recommendations that will help you leverage your strengths, take advantage of your opportunities as well as prepare contingencies against the threats to the success of your plan.

Propose Plan

In our second meeting, we review the personalized recommendations developed through analysis of your data and circumstances. We take the time to listen to your thoughts on the recommendations and ensure you are comfortable with the plan. The recommendations will cover your areas of concern and opportunities with a view towards addressing your unique goals.

Implement Plan

After reviewing your plan, we make any necessary adjustments and decide how to implement our recommendations. We pride ourselves on preparing a plan that can be implemented independently or with our help. We are confident that once you experience our approach, you will want us involved in the implementation of your plan.

Monitor and Update Plan

The world is an ever changing place. Whether legislative, economic or personal changes occur, we monitor the plan to ensure that we account for these changes and update the plan as necessary. The recommendations in the future may be different than the recommendations for today, we monitor and update the plan accordingly.

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